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Steam Turbine Installation

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TF Design Engineering was awarded a turnkey project in December 2015 to install a 1 megawatt steam turbine at MTO Forestry, George Sawmill. The turbine was commissioned early December 2016, more than a six weeks ahead of schedule.

TFD was responsible for the design and layout of the entire plant, project management as well as the turnkey installation. The most important hardware that were included in our scope are listed below:

  • 1 Megawatt Triveni condensing turbine set with gearbox and alternator.
  • Surface condenser to condense exhaust steam at 0.08 bar (abs).
  • Steam ejector evacuation system to maintain condenser at 0.08 bar (abs).
  • Vertical condensate extraction pumps.
  • Cooling tower and pump installation (7 MW cooling capacity).
  • Electrical control panels and control room to control all auxiliary equipment and turbine set (PLC based).
  • Specifications for reverse osmosis plant to treat boiler feed water.
  • New steam line from boiler to turbine set.
  • All site pipe work i.e. cooling water, oil, steam, condensate etc.

The fully automated ‘state of the art’ PLC based control system with SCADA is on par with what can be expected to be seen in much larger power generation plants in the 10 – 30 MWe range. A comprehensive turbine and generator health monitoring system is included in the controls. The following turbine health parameters are continuously monitored:

  • 8 Alternator bearing and winding temperatures.
  • 2 Alternator vibration readings
  • 4 Gearbox bearing temperatures
  • 8 Gearbox vibration readings
  • 4 Turbine journal and thrust bearing temperatures
  • 6 Turbine vibration readings

Numerous other process parameters are monitored and controlled. All critical systems such as the oil circulation system, condensate and cooling water pumps and turbine over-speed monitoring devices have double or triple redundancy to ensure reliable operation and maximum plant availability.

TF Design is well equipped and positioned to provide engineered solutions and turnkey installations for biomass steam generation plants, power generation plants and timber drying kilns to strike this delicate balance in steam utilisation priorities to maximise value to our clients in the timber industry.