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Eucalyptus Timber Drying System

Client: Hans Merensky

Date: 2010     

Eucalyptus timber is notorious for being very difficult to dry without drying defects in a timber drying kiln. TF Design developed the highly successful Eucalyptus drying kilns that are able to dry large volumes of timber effectively.

During 2009 the 6th large capacity Eucalyptus drier was delivered by TF Design.

The TFD design concept ensures a low capital cost per m3 of drying capacity. The main requirements of the kiln are:

  • Drying Eucalyptus timber from wet off saw to a final moisture content of 10%.
  • Reliable process with predictable results.
  • High quality drying.
  • Minimise energy requirements.
  • High volumes of timber are managed effectively.