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ORT Air Conditioning Unit

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Client: Reutech Radar Systems

TF Design was approached by Reutech Radar Systems to design and develop a refrigeration system (REF) for the Radar Sensor Enclosure (RSE) of the RTS6400 Optronics/Radar Tracker (ORT), mounted on the SA Navy Corvette battle ship.

Due to the existing design parameters in place on the ORT assembly, TF Design was allocated a specific volume and weight in which to incorporate all the refrigeration equipment.

Design aspects that had to be considered were the amount of gravitational forces that are applied to the unit during the sweeping action of the radar during a tracking sequence. The climatic conditions in which the unit was to operate in, from the extreme southern and northern reaches to the equator (-10°C to 50°C), as well as the harsh climatic sea conditions. Power supply available on the ship of 115VAC, 60 Hz also had to be considered.

With all the stringent parameters, 85% of all the components were specifically designed and innovative techniques applied to meet the strict design requirements from a single refrigeration configuration.

With safety regulations and design parameters in place, each unit undergoes a battery of acceptance test procedures to verify conformity. These include simulated ambient conditions, tilt testing and load starting.