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Mobile Systems

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TFD supplies a wide range of military and civilian mobile (containerised) systems. Core design aspects that are retained throughout our container ranges are critical in ensuring that our containers complies with the harsh African terrain and personnel expertise. Our mobile systems are designed with products that have been tested over the years in the South African military and civilian sectors for their ease of operation and serviceability.

Examples of systems we have supplied are listed below:

Military systems

  • Littoral Detection Evaluation System (L-DES) Container,
  • Coastal Surveillance Command Centre Container,
  • Chemical & Biological (CB) Laboratory Container,
  • Mobile Pathology Container,
  • Cytoon Container Range,
  • Mobile Image Analyst Container,
  • Mobile Film Processing Container,
  • Rapid Deployable Command Centre,
  • Plasma Container,
  • Containerised Military Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Facility,
  • Command and Control Posts,
  • Level 1 Field Hospital,
  • Battery Charge Facility,
  • Crew Carriers,
  • Gas Bottle Transport Container,
  • Mortuary.

Civilian systems

  • Mobile Pharmacy c/w Sterilisation facility,
  • Command Facility for Oil Rig,
  • Mortuary,
  • Male Circumcision Unit (MMCU),
  • Cervical Cancer Screening,
  • Minor Procedure Theatre.

Whether the application requires for mobile containerised units supplied with a vehicle, an ideal solution for rural applications, or for offloading with either a crane, heavy duty forklift or RO RO system, TFD can cater for any situation that will best suite our client’s requirements.

Due to the design capabilities of the company, specialised containerised sub frames c/w integrated panelling and supporting beams, forming the shell, can be designed to cater for applications where standardised container bodies can’t be used. All designs undergo FEM analyses with consideration being taken with the installation of the internal equipment and the weight distribution thereof.

Depending on our client’s specifications levels, provision can be made for a number of peripheral equipment i.e.:

  • On-board power generation with all electrical safety features included (AMF/ATS, phase monitoring/rotation, lightening arrestors, frequencing monitoring, voltage monitoring etc.),
  • Water storage and filtration,
  • Grey water storage and filtration prior to discharge,
  • Either positive or negative pressure, depending on the application,
  • Filtration of either the incoming or outgoing air, depending on the application,
  • Specialised lighting i.e. for medical operational procedures, military field applications etc.,
  • EMI integrity of the shelter.