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Mobile Circumcision Laboratory Container

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Client: Makerere University Walter Reed Project funded by PEPFAR

Date: 2010

The Mobile Circumcision Laboratory Container is designed for use in rural areas in Africa. The laboratory is used to assist medical practitioners and doctors to fight the spread of Aids / HIV in Uganda. Male circumcision procedures can be done in this controlled environment in rural areas with little or no infrastructure. It is equipped with two fully functional operating rooms, a scrub and storage area and a 'services' compartment that supplies power, water and fresh air. It has the physical dimensions of a standard 6m ISO container and can be handled with a forklift or a crane. The laboratory is supplied with the following equipment/functionality:

  • Hepa filtered clean air
  • Disinfected water for scrubbing
  • Grey water collection
  • Scrub area
  • Generator power
  • Two operating beds and surgical lights
  • Storage area for medical equipment
  • External medical waste container
  • External tent for counseling
  • Two inflatable tents used as examination cubicles
  • Storage container for external equipment
  • Truck transporting all the equipment