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Mass Decontamination System

TF Design | Thermodynamics Fluids & Design | Green Energy

Client: Armscor

Date: 2010

The Mass Decontamination System, together with the Detection System and the Casualty Decontamintion System, forms part of a three-part system for the detection and decontamination of dangerous substances.

The system is neatly packed in its own transport vehicle to improve mobility and ease of use. It is designed to be set-up in less than 10 minutes to decontaminate a minimum of 300 people per hour.

Water can be pumped from a variety of sources like Water Bunkers or Fire Hydrants to the decontamination tent, where the decontamination is effectively completed with high pressure water.

Contaminated waste water is collected in a collapsible bladder for treatment and disposal.

This project was a finalist (Top 5) in the Armscor Chief Executive Officer’s Award for 2009 for outstanding military projects.