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Inflatable Emergency Tents

TF Design | Thermodynamics Fluids & Design | Green Energy

Client: Development

Date: 2010

TF Design has been involved in the successful design, manufacture and development of inflatable structures for use in many different industries. 

Our latest inflatable tent system was developed for primary use as a Level 1 field hospital for military applications. 

It consists of 4 individual inflatable structures with the following dimensions and functions:

  • L = 8m; W=5m; H=3m   Triage Shelter
  • L = 8m; W=6m; H=3m   Resuscitation Shelter
  • L = 10m; W=6m; H=3m Pre-OP, Post-OP & Operating Theatre Shelter
  • L = 12m; W=6m; H=3m Minor Ailments Shelter.