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Casualty Decontamination System

TF Design | Thermodynamics Fluids & Design | Green Energy

Client: Armscor

Date: 2010

The Casualty Decontamination System, together with the Detection System and the Mass Decontamination System, forms part of a three-part system for the detection and decontamination of dangerous substances.

The complete Casualty Decontamination system is neatly packed in a custom designed container and fixed onto its own transport vehicle to improve mobility and ease of use.

The system is designed to be set-up in less than 10 minutes to decontaminate at least 30 patients per hour.

Water can be pumped under high pressure from a variety of sources like Water Bunkers and Fire Hydrants to a stretcher conveyor where patients are decontaminated while being medically resuscitated. Patients can be safely transported to a hospital after decontamination.

Contaminated waste water is collected in a collapsible bladder for treatment and disposal.

This project was a finalist (Top 5) in the Armscor Chief Executive Officer’s Award for 2009 for outstanding military projects.