Mechanical Engineering Solutions

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Our Mechanical Engineering expertise is focussed on the fields of Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics, but we are also well versed in the design of pure mechanical systems and machinery.

We employ theoretical analyses alongside experimental testing and prototyping to ensure that the outcome is successful.

From our Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics background we deliver expert systems in the following fields:

  • Heating, Cooling and Drying processes.
  • Specialised heat exchanger design and manufacture.
  • Steam systems and process lines.
  • Clean rooms and specialised laboratories (P2, P3).

Typical mechanical design products include the following categories:

  • Mechanical equipment and machinery such as production line machinery, materials handling equipment and machinery for product quality control and inspection.
  • Mobile systems (Military, Medical and Emergency) for quick deployment.
  • Pressure vessels.