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Biomass Control Systems

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TF Design is the leading South African supplier of biomass related control systems.

Areas if expertise:

  • Biomass Boilers:
  1. With our advanced control systems, boilers run at maximum efficiency.
  2. This reduces fuel consumption and stack emissions.
  • Wood Drying Kiln Control System:
  1. Combined with our kiln control systems wood is dried at an optimum, to reduce surface cracking and core distortion. We developed our own SCADA that we implement in the biomass industry.
  2. Dryzone moisture measurement systems
  • Micro AD Plants (Anaerobic digesters)
  1. Design of Large sized Ad plants
  2. Production and control of micro anaerobic digesters testing facility
  • Incinerator control systems
  • Log Scanning Systems


  • York Timbers
  • MTO Forestry
  • HM Northern Timbers
  • Mondi
  • PG Bison
  • Woodline
  • Busby Sawmill, etc.