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Welcome to TF Design

TF Design was founded in 1993 and is situated in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch. We serve a wide variety of clients across the entire industry. We specialise in the fields of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics, but are also strongly involved in general Mechanical design.

Our typical projects usually involve the building of custom designed equipment for our clients. We complete the entire process - from the initial concept design, implementation of design, manufacturing and finally, on-site installation and more

Specimen Conveyor & Sorter

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Sorting conveyor for pathology monsters. Length 12metres, width more

Featured Projects

  • Medical Systems

    Automation and Innovation in the Medical Industry is a key future focus area for our company. Read more

    Medical Systems
  • Green Design

    TF Design provides a simulation/design service to optimize buildings so that they adhere to the standards of the Green Building Council of South Africa. Read more

    Green Buildings and design
  • Industrial Automation

    We have excellent capabilities in the Mechanical Design as well as the Control & Automation of specialised machinery.
    Read more

    Automated test line
  • Containerized Systems

    We design and built custom containerized and inflatable tent systems for Military and Civil applications. Read more

    Containerized Systems